ACI main objective has been "to create a company which offers new and more personal service to the client than was previously possible.


This fact is possible thanks to count with some of the most modern and complete production plant in the agrochemical sector, not only at a national but also at an international level, as it boasts the most up-to-date in the sector, 100% automated and capable of manufacturing a wide variety different formulations.

Our facilities
Two installations of this type exist: One for herbicide production and other for insecticide and fun..
Installation of this type for insecticides and fungicides. In these installations, some of the formu..
Our QC department has designed a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology for analysis ..
Extra Capacity Deposits of Solvents. Collect Rafts of residues in case of leaks, leakage and antifir..
Plants of this type exist: for insecticide, fungicide product, where the products are formulated wit..
Active ingredients Warehouses.Final Products Warehouses.Packaging Warehouses...

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